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Polygendered in the UK

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1: What does it mean to be polygendered?

Polygendered people are transgendered. Transgendered people are defined by TGS-PFLAG as "individuals of any age or sex who manifest characteristics, behaviors or self-expression, which in their own or someone else's perception, istypical of or commonly associated with persons of another gender. " Among transgendered people, there are transsexuals (who get sex-change operations), non-op transsexuals (who fulfill all the steps of a sex-change except for the genital operation), drag kings and queens (who dress as the "opposite" sex for performances) and transvestites (who do so all the time). And then there are us, the less well-known transgender folks. We are people who identify as bi-gendered, non-gendered, or third-gendered. We may feel we belong to more than one gender, that we have no gender at all, or that we are our own gender, something neither male nor female.

2: How are polygendered people different from "regular" transgendered folks?

Just like any other transgendered people, we might have a different name for ourselves than the gendered name we were given at birth; we might dress differently than most people of our birth gender and try to "pass" as another gender on a daily basis; we might take hormones or get operations to modify our bodies. The difference is that we are not "switching" from female to male or vice versa; we are going from living as female to living as both female and male, or living as a gay man and a lesbian and a teenage boy and a drag king, or living as no gender at all, ambiguously, or as something entirely other.

(Taken from: http://www.polygender.co.uk)