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I placed an article on the subject of Christie Elan-Cane in Wikipedia recently.  However it has been deleted, without a satisfactory reason for this happening.  This article has been blocked because, according to Wikipedia, it ‘does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject’.  This is both incorrect and censorship.

The administration team at Wikipedia are rather high and mighty in their zeal to protect the integrity of Wikipedia, but their perspective of the world is rather skewed.  Perhaps they view non-gendered activism as too way out to be considered a subject worthy of note by Wikipedia users.  On the other hand, there are numerous entries for persons who have contributed to the porn industry.

Christie has an important message to get across, and will be heard.  The significance of Christie’s work is self evident, and will eventually be acknowledged even by the dimwits at Wikipedia.

The article that Wikipedia did not want to be seen can be found here.



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